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Brilliant Corporate Team Building Event!

by Agent Radu Zatreanu
Agent Maverick PLAN52


Radu Zatreanu

Review of PLAN52 - 1 year ago

Absolutely brilliant corporate team building event organised by clueQuest for our group of 30 - the group has had loads of fun and everything was impeccably organised, from the food and drinks we had ordered through SANDS, to the games themselves. We are absolutely sure to return next year with another team building event! Thank you also for supporting us by allowing the extension of the conference room by another 30' so that we could have a place to regroup to once the escape room games were done. Last but not least, big shoutout to Brent Grihalva for exceptional customer service during the organising of the event!

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Brilliant experience! Great fun!

Excellent escape room and v enthusiastic staff! Lots of different puzzles to solve and v creative. So much fun. Would highly recommend!

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One of my favourite escape rooms, can't wait to go back and do the others. Ok to do in any size group - we did as a three which seemed good but would be fine to do as a two.

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Had a great time for a friend’s birthday! Senna was lovely and got us really into the storyline. Her enthusiasm became ours, and we know Central is counting on us. We will be back…

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