Brilliant escape mission

Brilliant escape mission

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Agent Light



Review of Operation BlackSheep - 2 weeks ago

We had an absolutely brilliant time. My husband and I and our 2 daughters (12 and 10 years old) did the Operation Black Sheep and we loved it. Very clever and challenging interconnecting puzzles and a real test of concentration, focus and teamwork. Thank you to Josh who was our game host and he was very helpful creating a great introduction to the game with interesting clues throughout. Congratulations to the Cluequest team for creating this very clever escape room! We have done the Plan52 before and this was just as good. We will be back for more. Highly recommended.

Needed gentle tips, but it was awesome!

My partner and I took on this mission by... more My partner and I took on this mission by ourselves. This was my partner's second ever escape room, and my 5th. We rattled through the first few puzzles, and then we needed a little bit of help in little places to help us accelerate to the end. We finished with under 2 minutes to spare, but it was fun, we made progress, and my partner has declared we're coming back in 2 weeks! This is a beautiful example of a good escape room with lots of different puzzles, well looked after rooms, and a lot of effort put into the functionality of the room! High recommended.

Agent Fox

Agent Nicholas

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 5 days ago

Work Day Out

We had a work day out at Clue Quest and... more We had a work day out at Clue Quest and everyone really enjoyed the experience. It was very well and enthusiastically run by the team there & the challenge was fun & engaging

Agent Crimson

Agent Simon

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 4 days ago

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