Another great room at ClueQuest

Another great room at ClueQuest

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Agent Ghost


Andrew Roland

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 1 month ago

We've done loads of escape rooms and have completed all the ones at ClueQuest so we were very excited when this new one was opened.
It didn't disappoint! This one is very technically advanced and there are loads of props and buttons to push and play with. It was very challenging but we managed to escape with 7 minutes to spare after only a couple of small hints so, from our perspective, it is a very logical set of puzzles.
Javier was our host and he was excellent too!

Best escape room we've done

Me and my wife have done maybe 15-20 esc... more Me and my wife have done maybe 15-20 escape rooms in the UK. This was (no exaggeration) the best game we've come across. A lot of escape rooms can seem a little DIY but this room was on another level and the tech involved in this room was crazy and unlike anything we've come across. We needed quite a few clues to get us through (but we were only a team of 2) but miquelle (sorry if I've spelt your name wrong) was very friendly, entertaining and was a great host (thank you). When we return to London we will be very keen to come back.

Agent Supernova

Agent Alex Gawthrope

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 2 weeks ago

Good fun

Good fun, first escape room we have ever... more Good fun, first escape room we have ever done so neded a bit of direction at times but managed to escape with 5 seconds to spare. Kids had a blast. Eric, our mission guide was, lovely.

Agent Flash

Agent C.

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 6 days ago

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