fun for all groupds

fun for all groupds

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Agent King



Review of cQ ORIGENES - 1 month ago

lots of fun, staff were great. Really well thought out and we were looked after by the host! All the puzzles were a challenge but doable (both with and without clues from the host) - perfect balance

Best escape room we've done

Me and my wife have done maybe 15-20 esc... more Me and my wife have done maybe 15-20 escape rooms in the UK. This was (no exaggeration) the best game we've come across. A lot of escape rooms can seem a little DIY but this room was on another level and the tech involved in this room was crazy and unlike anything we've come across. We needed quite a few clues to get us through (but we were only a team of 2) but miquelle (sorry if I've spelt your name wrong) was very friendly, entertaining and was a great host (thank you). When we return to London we will be very keen to come back.

Agent Supernova

Agent Alex Gawthrope

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 2 weeks ago

Good fun

Good fun, first escape room we have ever... more Good fun, first escape room we have ever done so neded a bit of direction at times but managed to escape with 5 seconds to spare. Kids had a blast. Eric, our mission guide was, lovely.

Agent Flash

Agent C.

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 6 days ago

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