Super fun group activity PLAN52 London

Super fun group activity

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Agent Star PLAN52 London


G. M.

Review of PLAN52 - 8 months ago

We really enjoyed our time in this escape room, it was our first time and it was really good fun! The puzzles were challenging but also very doable and we managed to complete it. Our host Alex was really friendly and helpful!

Plan 52 was brilliant

Absolutely brilliant escape room experie... more Absolutely brilliant escape room experience. There were so many creative puzzles to solve which really tested your brain but weren’t impossible to solve either. Managed to escape just in the nick of time with a little help from the host! Will definitely return to try one of the other rooms.

Agent Pirate PLAN52 London

Agent S.

Review of PLAN52 - 6 days ago

Fantastic day out with work

Most people in our office are quite comp... more Most people in our office are quite competitive. An escape room Competition against other teams was the perfect day-out-activity. The room was a bit more challenging than other rooms I had done before and kept everyone engaged. The puzzles were quite clever and the props felt modern. The staff was very nice. I’ll definitely come back to do the other room.

Agent Luna PLAN52 London

Agent J.

Review of PLAN52 - 3 days ago

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