Great experience

Great experience

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Agent Phoenix



Review of Operation BlackSheep - 4 months ago

Thank you very much Stephen- who made the experience super fun. We really appreciated being given the option to change the escape room on the day, as we were told the one we originally booked was the most difficult!
I felt the puzzles were the most interesting I have done before, but also very logical. We were also given cues did not feel like interference.
Would definitely recommend.

Great! We'll be back to do one of the other rooms!

One of my favourite escape rooms so far.... more One of my favourite escape rooms so far. Varied puzzles of varying difficulty, and many involving working with your team. Well thought out room and everything in working order. Our host was great, very engaging, friendly and helped immerse us into the experience.

Agent Luna

Agent Sonya

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 2 weeks ago

Best Escape Room in London

Was the best escape room me and my famil... more Was the best escape room me and my family have done, it was well thought out, all puzzles made sense (by the end!) and the host gave clues exactly when we needed them.

Agent UFO

Agent N.

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 1 week ago

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