Cover picture Glitch Hunters

Great team building

by Agent Trevor Williams
Agent Ace Glitch Hunters


Trevor Williams

Review of Glitch Hunters - 1 month ago

Great team building with competitive streak when we split the whole team into mini teams. Taking a tour around some really interesting parts of London you'd probably miss on your daily commute.

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Great fun for a puzzle-loving family in London

Very well designed game, we only needed clues for one of the puzzles and we never got stuck. It took us ~3 hours (2 adults and an almost-7-year-old) and we took a lunch break in the middle. Highly rec... more

Agent Nightshade Glitch Hunters

Agent T. B.

Review of Glitch Hunters - 2 months ago

I like it!!!

I was so gooooooooood!!!!!
I like it!!!!! I'm from Korea. So I think that you visit Korea and make the game in Korea.

Agent Emo Glitch Hunters

Agent Sssssong

Review of Glitch Hunters - 2 months ago

Hunted down all the glitches!

Having done a lot of escape rooms - outdoor ones can be hit and miss, but this was certainly a hit! Great puzzles, lots to do, fun storyline and a fun final reveal.

Would definitely do another Clue... more

Agent Phantom Glitch Hunters

Agent Danny

Review of Glitch Hunters - 3 months ago

Great few hours out in London

Super fun wandering the streets of central London; extremely impressive interface that was easy to use. Puzzles could have been slightly harder!

Agent Fox Glitch Hunters

Agent Alexandra

Review of Glitch Hunters - 6 months ago


Really enjoyed being outside and seeing amazing buildings. A pity we didn't get the treat yourself after we had paused and stopped for lynch!!!!

Agent Supernova Glitch Hunters

Agent Team name Mice!

Review of Glitch Hunters - 6 months ago

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