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Fun seasonal puzzle

by Agent Martin
Agent Fox Falling STAR



Review of Falling STAR - 2 months ago

We had a lot of fun playing through this seasonal print-and-play pack with a couple of friends. Whimsical, not too challenging, and with varied puzzles, it made for a fun and memorable hour.

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Great fun!

Really good puzzles! Perfect for a fun night in. Felt a real sense of achievement after each one, and the clues were very clever!

Agent Light Falling STAR

Agent Jess

Review of Falling STAR - 1 month ago

Testy puzzles!

The puzzles were just at the right of difficulty- great!
Nice to do at home…. And pause for dinner mid-way!

Agent Brain Falling STAR

Agent Presanna

Review of Falling STAR - 1 month ago

Good home based game

Fun game to play at home. Puzzles ranged from fairly simple to a bit taxing, without becoming overly frustrating. Good theming fitting with the Dr Blacksheep story, as played in the physical rooms.

Agent Star Falling STAR

Agent Team Truly Outrageous

Review of Falling STAR - 1 month ago

The Great Escape game

Good fun with 2 different households doing it. Got stuck at the final puzzle, and needed the solution to work out how to complete, but otherwise a lot of good fun and puzzles challenging enough to com... more

Agent Ghost Falling STAR

Agent J

Review of Falling STAR - 1 month ago


twas BRILLANT and i love it ititiititititiititititititititititiititiitititititiititititititititiititi

Agent Shark Falling STAR

Agent f.

Review of Falling STAR - 2 months ago

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