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Immersive but too hard

by Agent Jason Clarke
Agent Phantom cQ ORIGENES


Jason Clarke

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 10 months ago

Done many escape games and this was definitely the best production wise. However, I didn’t enjoy Origenes so much as it was extremely difficult. I got a headache at one point and felt like quitting. But the 2 of us persevered on and with much assistance we made it out 4 minutes past the allotted time. I unknowingly booked the hardest room ClueQuest have. It was quite expensive in comparison to other escape games I have taken part in and can see why as the rooms really are of quality build and very interactive. For that reason it’s possible I may return to ClueQuest to try one of the easier rooms and hope they are built to the same standard as Origenes. I did ask for a discount for a second visit but was declined. The positive about this is that most other escape game companies usually offer 20-25% discount in exchange for a 5 star review so you can be assured that ClueQuests reviews are genuine.

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Inventive and challenging

We played CQ origenes. 3 of us worked on this room. We are seasoned (150+) escapers. It was fantastic! Very interesting puzzles and tech. Not overly complicated. We needed hints and Rowen gave us a li... more

Agent Pirate cQ ORIGENES

Agent Kristine Wiese

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 1 month ago

Really fun experience, with the guidance of Agent Georges.

Got to attempt the most difficult room with my friends and it was an absolutely lovely experience. Didn't feel stressed at any point, was just pure fun, entertainment and intellectual pleasure. Agent... more

Agent Ninja cQ ORIGENES

Agent Nico

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 2 months ago

Great example room and food staff

Very good room, well did cow ORIGENES and it was a very good well produced room. Engaging and ingenious puzzles thought out so was good fun. Benji was a great host and pitched it right for our group w... more

Agent Nightshade cQ ORIGENES

Agent Phill

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 3 months ago

A-mouse-ing time!!

Outstanding!! Thanks Ez for an epic adventure and for making our experience so great, we escaped by the fur of our teeth!

Agent Ninja cQ ORIGENES

Agent Owen

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 5 months ago

Great experience! Will visit again!

Very happy I chose this escape room at clueQuest London. Very friendly staff and an amazing facility


Agent Stefan

Review of cQ ORIGENES - 5 months ago

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