Great puzzles but not for youngster. Operation E.G.G. London

Great puzzles but not for youngster.

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Agent Brain Operation E.G.G. London


M. R.

Review of Operation E.G.G. - 11 months ago

Puzzles were good, but my children found them quite difficult especially the last puzzle, putting the actual puzzle together took a good 25+ mins for them by which time they had had enough and were not focused enough on solving the final clue.
This was not suitable for 8-year-olds even with help as apart from a couple of the puzzles they really didn't seem engaged as they relied on the hints for every single puzzle and then lost interest and engagement. I would say 12+ if you want them to enjoy the game.
Not for younger players, and has a heavy reliance on the computer something I was hoping to get them away from.

It was fun but we had to have a little help from adults.

I would recomend to do this over a coupl... more I would recomend to do this over a couple of days and to do this with an adult because it was quite hard.

Agent Star Operation E.G.G. London

Agent g. &. a.

Review of Operation E.G.G. - 8 months ago

Fun Print + Cut

I really enjoyed playing through Operati... more I really enjoyed playing through Operation E.G.G. I liked that the cutting was simple shapes (rectangles and circles), but the manipulations were still fun. Highly recommend!

Agent Cynic Operation E.G.G. London

Agent A. C.

Review of Operation E.G.G. - 1 month ago

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