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Escaping Together despite a 5,000-Mile Divide

by Agent Michael S
Agent Maverick timeQuest


Michael S

Review of timeQuest - 3 years ago

This story (timeQuest) was our favorite of three Print+Cut we have completed (with Stolen IQ and Mechanics of the Heart). The puzzles were all very logical and creatively produced. The story was also endearing and went well with the puzzles (as usual). I'm not sure how much more I would pay to have a live, virtual host for routine Print+Cut games, but the "Zoom across America" experience for my family made for a truly memorable Mother's Day. We absolutely benefited from having host / game master Miguel, who was a delightful and invaluable addition to the event. We hope that sometime in the near future we can make it across the pond and stop by in person!

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Super Fun Scout Activity

Amazing! We ran this as a scout evening and the scouts absolutely loved it! Perfect amount of challenge and managed to fill the whole 2hr session perfectly! I would also like to thank Alex within cust... more

Agent Fox timeQuest

Agent L. S.

Review of timeQuest - 1 month ago

Time Quest Home Challenge

We did the time quest home challenge and had great fun, very challenging and a good laugh! Great for team work, a good evenings entertainment!

Agent Fox timeQuest

Agent K.

Review of timeQuest - 2 months ago

Fun Game!

This game was F.U.N. Fun! The puzzles are challenging but achievable. The online system works well and is entertaining. All in all, a worth while experience.

Agent Phoenix timeQuest

Agent D.

Review of timeQuest - 1 year ago


It was amazing and entertaing for my family on my amazing birthday party I will definetly try another one

Agent UFO timeQuest

Agent T.

Review of timeQuest - 1 year ago

Great family challenge

Really helps to cut everything out before starting and Sellotape is also really useful at the end. It is challenging and different people see things in different ways which made it a great family game... more

Agent Storm timeQuest

Agent Susan Cordery

Review of timeQuest - 1 year ago

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