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Good game, lots of potential

by Agent Mark T
Agent Crimson Stolen IQ


Mark T

Review of Stolen IQ - 3 years ago

First off, the game itself is great, materials are well thought out and cutting the things out was actually fun an didn't really give anything away. My issue was that it was unclear what things were part of what challenge - we ended up effectively solving the 2nd and 3rd puzzle, and completely missed the 1st, so was totally stuck. If you ask for a clue, the first one is the cutouts, or basically what's related to the current puzzle - doing this first would make the whole experience infinitely better. I get that in a normal escape room you might roam around between different puzzles, but in this format it's pretty linear and doesn't lend itself to that same flow. If it weren't for this issue, it would easily be a 5 star for me.

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Fun home game

A nice game - puzzles were either super simple to solve, or so complicated/not obvious that all the hints (or even the solution) was needed. A LOT of cutting needed (I played solo, so cut everything o... more

Agent Maverick Stolen IQ

Agent P.

Review of Stolen IQ - 3 months ago

Great Rainy Day Activity

A really fun activity with an easy set up, the puzzles had a lot of variety and the story was easy to follow, however, it felt more like hardness level 3 than 4

Agent Cynic Stolen IQ

Agent M.

Review of Stolen IQ - 4 months ago


Very good experience, great fun and challenging. The puzzles were just right and got your mind going.

Agent Crimson Stolen IQ

Agent Dipa

Review of Stolen IQ - 6 months ago

excellent fun for family

Very good puzzles well coordinated with online videos. engaging for the entire family from ages 10 upwards.

Agent Brain Stolen IQ


Review of Stolen IQ - 8 months ago

Family Bonding Time

Enjoyed this first mission (print@home) immensely. It took my guys (hubby and three sons) almost 53 minutes to complete. A good time was had by all! I highly recommend this family activity.

Agent Emo Stolen IQ

Agent A.

Review of Stolen IQ - 1 year ago

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