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Really impressed by this company

by Agent Enrique
Agent Ghost Operation BlackSheep



Review of Operation BlackSheep - 1 year ago

Excellent room and Clue Quest definitely earns the title of one of London’s best escape companies. If you love puzzles and want to experience hand-crafted high quality rooms made with care, come here! A fair but fun challenge for beginners—not too easy by any means even for experienced players. A well balanced room for a team of 3. Having been to more popular “tourist-facing” escape companies, the quality of puzzles and rooms stood out with Clue Quest. Unique set design kept me wanting more! Alex did a fantastic job of hosting and guiding us through the experience.

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Brilliant escape room!

We did Operation Blacksheep as a family (the group was aged between 5 and 72) and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The game was really well thought out and great quality. We've done a few escap... more

Agent Hawk Operation BlackSheep

Agent Charlie

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 1 month ago

Great experience

Really enjoyed the escape room, lots to decode and work out, our party had two children and they also enjoyed themselves and participated. We all tried to bring something to the party. Georges was a... more

Agent Ninja Operation BlackSheep

Agent Natalie

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 2 months ago

The ideal Birthday treat

Very exciting! From the moment the door is locked. Great clues all part of the story. You certainly need your thinking cap on.

Agent Light Operation BlackSheep

Agent A.

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 2 months ago

Great experience

This was by far the best escape room I have done to date. Very well put together clues. Highly recommend it.

Agent ET Operation BlackSheep

Agent JFo

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 2 months ago

Great fun!

We had a great time, really enjoyed all the extra little twists and surprises as we went through! Worked great for two people but I’m sure it would’ve worked well for more too

Agent Merlin Operation BlackSheep

Agent A.

Review of Operation BlackSheep - 2 months ago

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