Fun Zoom Birthday Experience timeQuest London

Fun Zoom Birthday Experience

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Agent Ninja timeQuest London


Nate's 10

Review of timeQuest - 1 year ago

Did this for my son's 10th birthday on Zoom. It was really well done. A bit hard at times, we should have used clues more rapidly. All in all it was a great way to celebrate with friends and family during our lockdown.

It was great

It was a fun experience. The tasks were... more It was a fun experience. The tasks were challenging, but absolutely solvable. For me, it really created the offline escape room vibe. Showing the small pictures for the rest of the team can be difficult,

Agent Hawk timeQuest London

Agent Andras

Review of timeQuest - 5 months ago

Adventurous and Exciting

It's difficult but at the end, its not t... more It's difficult but at the end, its not that hard. Thanks for making this wonderful quest game for us! We really love it so much, it's so adventurous and exciting!

Agent Light timeQuest London

Agent The Unicorn Twins

Review of timeQuest - 2 months ago

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