Cover picture Humanity 2.0

Excellent game!

by Agent Queens of the Jungle
Agent Maverick Humanity 2.0


Queens of the Jungle

Review of Humanity 2.0 - 3 years ago

We purchased and played Stolen IQ, Alpha Brain System and Humanity 2.0. We loved them! We were a group 4 and played through Zoom. It took all of our diverse skills to succeed at each game. It was a good mix of visual puzzles, logic puzzles, searching and crafting to keep us interested. The sheep were great!

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Home fun!

Great time spent with the cut out puzzles! A nice challenge for a warm night inside home. Thanks team, love the fun!

Agent Jungle Humanity 2.0

Agent Lilith

Review of Humanity 2.0 - 4 weeks ago


Fun escape at home. Cool story and interesting puzzles. Easy to follow story and I would say pretty easy puzzles.

Agent Crimson Humanity 2.0

Agent M.

Review of Humanity 2.0 - 1 year ago

Fun to play adult paired with kid

First few caused a problem or two but then no more problems. Clues were well graded. Not too many paper pieces.

Agent Phantom Humanity 2.0

Agent M & K

Review of Humanity 2.0 - 1 year ago

Very Good and CQ is best (again...)

I thought this was easy but it turns out to be intense! As I said before, Please add an Episode 4! DGS out!

Agent Crimson Humanity 2.0

Agent DGS

Review of Humanity 2.0 - 1 year ago

Great choice for WFH / international teams

We had an excellent time as a work team building exercise which isn't always easy with an international team - also helps that my team won!

Agent Nightshade Humanity 2.0

Agent J.

Review of Humanity 2.0 - 2 years ago

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