Unique puzzles Humanity 2.0 London

Unique puzzles

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Agent Storm Humanity 2.0 London



Review of Humanity 2.0 - 5 months ago

I love the puzzles. Very inventive and different than I have seen in other home escape games. The clues are challenging, but solvable. The hints give you just enough direction without giving the solution away. I highly recommend!

Fab team activity which is online and different

First time our team virtually came toget... more First time our team virtually came together for online game. Was great as we had our team all play along in 4 different timezones... It is nothing like what anyone has played before, and really gets you thinking and working together. Really recommend for team activity.

Agent Cynic Humanity 2.0 London

Agent D.

Review of Humanity 2.0 - 3 months ago

Great choice for WFH / international teams

We had an excellent time as a work team... more We had an excellent time as a work team building exercise which isn't always easy with an international team - also helps that my team won!

Agent Nightshade Humanity 2.0 London

Agent J.

Review of Humanity 2.0 - 2 months ago

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