Extremely immersive must-try experience The Dagger Of Time London

Extremely immersive must-try experience

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Review of The Dagger Of Time - 8 months ago

I picked the VR experience for a friends birthday as we had all done escape rooms before and were looking for something a little different. We checked out reviews and descriptions of the VR experience before going so thought we had an idea what to expect. For anyone who has not put on vr goggles before it is difficult to imagine the experience of looking around a virtual world. The simple act of looking over your shoulder and seeing the avatars of the people you are with completing tasks is very surreal.
The game experience was very good, it took a short while for us to grasp some of the mechanics, there is a temptation to try to treat the control like a normal game but you really have to reach for things as though they were there. Once we got the gist of it though, it became seamless to interact with the environment. The puzzles were well though out and the story of the Sands of time adapted well for the game.
Some of the experiences can feel very real, one of our group has a fear of heights and did experience a strong sense of that at first but had no problem completing the game, even coming to enjoy the experience of climbing in the virtual world.
I would recommend trying this experience if nothing else than for the experience of a truly immersive game.

First time VR escape room was amazing!

We had a great time at clueQuest! It was... more We had a great time at clueQuest! It was our first time and Miguel made us feel so welcome and made my friends birthday really special. He was so helpful during the whole thing. We had a few issues with steamy headsets and glitches but Miguel came to the rescue and helped us to mak our gaming experience the best it could be. Would definitely recommend the VR versions, we had a lot of fun.

Agent Ninja The Dagger Of Time London

Agent Cindy

Review of The Dagger Of Time - 8 months ago

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