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Great experience

by Agent Mona
Agent Ninja Alpha Brain System



Review of Alpha Brain System - 2 years ago

Amazing as always!!! We have done multiple cut and escape games and they are really well thought through and engaging!

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Clever idea but not clear in places

We have done one of the print+cut+play games before which we really enjoyed but this one was a bit trickier and wasn't so easy to figure out the puzzles (especially the final escape!) we felt like the... more

Agent Luna Alpha Brain System

Agent Aimee

Review of Alpha Brain System - 10 months ago

Greta for friends and family.

We had a great time with the kids (aged 13 and 11) we cut it in 3 different evenings and was really enjoyable!

Agent Crimson Alpha Brain System

Agent Carina P

Review of Alpha Brain System - 1 year ago

Infinitely good (Again)

I really like the idea of 3 episodes on one story. The game is designed with excellent quality, filled with very fun and creative minigames! I hope the next one will be like this! Overall Absolute Inf... more

Agent Supernova Alpha Brain System

Agent DGS

Review of Alpha Brain System - 1 year ago

Alpha Brain System

Me and my dad had so much fun (as usual) doing this cluequest print cut escape. The only time I thought was horrible and great at the same time was the fight. I didn't like it because the graphics wer... more

Agent Nightshade Alpha Brain System

Agent S.

Review of Alpha Brain System - 2 years ago

Lots of fun!

Challenging but really enjoyable. You do need a bit of space for all the pieces and it thoroughly worked our brains!

Agent Jungle Alpha Brain System

Agent G. T. W. F.

Review of Alpha Brain System - 2 years ago

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