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Good time in london

by Agent L.
Agent Pirate Glitch Hunters



Review of Glitch Hunters - 3 weeks ago

The selfie confused us as we thought we were almost done. Also would love a leaders board. Would be great as a way for someone to explore London.

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Excellent game (right difficulty puzzles, good exploration). Can’t recommend enough and would love more!

Agent Fox Glitch Hunters

Agent Adam

Review of Glitch Hunters - 1 month ago

Lovely for locals and tourists

Lovely experience to walk through London and notice details you’ve never seen before! 100% recommend

Agent Hawk Glitch Hunters

Agent Malak S

Review of Glitch Hunters - 1 month ago

A fun adventure with the fam👍

I think it was very fun and I enjoyed working with my family apart from I feel like it was a tiny bit too hard and maybe it could show a few more monuments and describe them although it was really exc... more

Agent Star Glitch Hunters

Agent A.

Review of Glitch Hunters - 1 month ago

Loads of fun with family!

Extremely fun and tested our wits! Possibly more historical London details and maybe a button to skip a level? Overall, a really enjoyable experience and would recommend to all families.

Agent Ghost Glitch Hunters

Agent N.

Review of Glitch Hunters - 1 month ago

Fab way to spend a few hours

What a fantastic idea. We’ve spent 2.5 hours walking around parts of London we would never normally have visited. We’ve had an amazing time. Great way to spend the afternoon.

Agent Hawk Glitch Hunters

Agent The Three Amigos

Review of Glitch Hunters - 2 months ago

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