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Awesome game!

by Agent Karyl
Agent Emo Glitch Hunters



Review of Glitch Hunters - 10 months ago

It was nice touring around London, however, some of the puzzles were a bit vague.
Overall however, it was fun!

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Fab way to spend a few hours

What a fantastic idea. We’ve spent 2.5 hours walking around parts of London we would never normally have visited. We’ve had an amazing time. Great way to spend the afternoon.

Agent Hawk Glitch Hunters

Agent The Three Amigos

Review of Glitch Hunters - 2 weeks ago

Perfect outdoor escape

Like usual with Mr Q, perfect experience full of fun and brain challenges, this time hidden in plain sight across London.

Agent Merlin Glitch Hunters

Agent Les Patatissier

Review of Glitch Hunters - 2 weeks ago

Great experience wondering around London

It was nice wondering around the town of London guided by Mr. and Mrs. Q! We found many places we’ve never visited without this game. It was really an amazing experience.

Agent Ninja Glitch Hunters

Agent Toko

Review of Glitch Hunters - 3 weeks ago

Great team building

Great team building with competitive streak when we split the whole team into mini teams. Taking a tour around some really interesting parts of London you'd probably miss on your daily commute.

Agent Ace Glitch Hunters

Agent Trevor Williams

Review of Glitch Hunters - 2 months ago

Great fun for a puzzle-loving family in London

Very well designed game, we only needed clues for one of the puzzles and we never got stuck. It took us ~3 hours (2 adults and an almost-7-year-old) and we took a lunch break in the middle. Highly rec... more

Agent Nightshade Glitch Hunters

Agent T. B.

Review of Glitch Hunters - 4 months ago

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