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Why spending time with your family is important

by clueQuest

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Nowadays we have a lot of information that can easily distract us from the things that are really important. When work is over, we spend a lot of time surfing the internet in our free time. Of course this is not true for everyone, but let’s face it… Be honest with yourself! Do you spend more time scrolling than doing something with your family? If your answer is yes, this article is for you!

Everyone knows and often says that it’s important to spend a lot of time with our families. But why, you ask? Let's have a look at it!

Close to each other

The time we spend together brings us closer to our family. If we often do things together with our loved ones, it improves and strengthens the bond between us. Time spent with our family reinforces our relationship and the feeling that we can count on them.

Better communication

The family is a safe place. If we spend time together and feel close to our family members, we will open up to them more easily and more regularly share our thoughts and problems with them. As a result it improves our communication with our family, which also affects our conversations with other people.

Problem solving

Depending on what we do together, we can easily develop our problem-solving skills during the time with our family. For example (guess what?!), the escape rooms are perfect for that. Not only do you have fun, but in the meantime you develop yourself without even trying. The relationship between family members develops and you can solve problems together more effectively in everyday life as well.

Mental health

It feels good when others care about us, but it feels just as good when we can care about others. In both cases we feel better, so mutual care has a beneficial effect on our mental health. And joint activities provide a good opportunity to care for each other. So choose an activity where you can talk to each other a little more.

Stress reduction

Stress is unfortunately an inevitable part of our lives and few can tell of themselves that they live a stress free life. But if we are with those we love, we can reduce the negative effects of stress. This makes us feel better, especially if we choose a recreation that is effective against stress in itself.

If we haven’t convinced you yet (is it possible?!) to spend more time with your family, go and give it a try. You will surely feel the positive effects of shared experiences. But if not, come to clueQuest and tell us personally that we were not right. And if you are already here, try one of our escape rooms. (See what we did there ;)) In case meeting your loved ones in person isn’t an option we recommend our Print+Cut+Escape games with which you can enjoy the experience of escape rooms from the comfort of your home.