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The Professor Presents: Halloween

by Freya Carroll

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Hello, humans. I have once again snuck onto Mr Q’s servers to wreak havoc - he really needs to upgrade his cyber security. This time of year is a time for fear and mayhem, and I can see you’re all trying your best. It’s very sweet. But vampires, ghouls, ghosts? Please. I’m here to bless you all with top tips for how to truly strike terror into the hearts of your enemies - I mean… friends.

1. Taxes

Let’s talk about what’s really scary. That’s right, taxes. Cause your friends and family panic by doodling on their preserved receipts. Casually remind them when the financial year is up. I personally have called HMRC on Mr Q seventeen times.

2. Making Decisions

But that’s not all! Force your loved ones to make decisions! Offer to take them to dinner and make them choose where you go. Suggest seeing a movie and then give them options. Sometimes for fun I make my underlings pick what evil scheme we should next embark on - you should see the look of despair on their faces! 

3. Phone Calls

Then, of course, there is the dreaded phone call. Why use the handy internet when you can make doctor’s appointments over the phone? Is there anything more bone chilling than calling a customer service team? I have spent many fearful hours on hold, and now you can too!

4. Me

While all these things are scary, the truly terrifying thing, naturally, is me, and how much you love me. BOW BEFORE ME, PUNY MORTALS, TREMBLE AT THE FORCE OF YOUR ADORATION FOR ME, YOUR SHEEPY GOD- Mr Q! No! My worst fear! I’ll get off your servers, I’m sorry! Until next time, agents…

Halloween is a time of terror, but if you’re looking for a place free of jumpscares, clueQuest is the place for you. Why not check out our blog about why we don’t do scary rooms


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