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Why Escape Rooms Make Great Educational Experiences

by Freya Carroll

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What to do when looking for a good place for a school trip? The zoo is crowded, museums don’t always hold students’ interest. You need a place that students will remember forever, while also giving them an engaging, educational experience. Well, look no further! At clueQuest, we believe that our escape rooms help develop skills and imagination, and most of all, are great fun! Need more convincing? Well, don’t take our word for it - studies have shown that the skills escape rooms help students cultivate lead them to bright futures. 


Builds Teamwork

Working with other people pushes us towards our goals, and when the goal is escaping a room, teamwork is essential. The communication skills students need to learn can be fostered during their time at an escape room, and research has revealed that shared common goals push students to higher success. The excitement that comes with solving a puzzle as a group is hard to find elsewhere! 

Encourages Out of the Box Thinking

Learning your time tables is one thing, but what escape rooms offer is the opportunity to think in a different way, which is vital for future development. When all you have is a clue and a puzzle, students will figure out how to think outside the box, next to the box and perhaps even underneath the box…


Imagine you’ve been swept away from your classroom and suddenly find yourself in any number of places, from a safe house to the lair of an evil Professor. You might even find you’re the size of a mouse! Escape rooms provide an immersive, interactive experience that engages students’ minds. Even the quietest student gets swept away by the stories that they discover! 


We’ll say it again, escape rooms are fun! They’re unlike anything your students will have done before, and will be an experience they’ll talk about for weeks. 


All groups who play a clueQuest room will be looked after by experienced Gamesmaker, who will ensure an exciting, educational and enjoyable experience. Each Gamesmaker will be able to tailor the game to the skill and experience level of the students playing, resulting in a guided and memorable event. 

And what’s best, an escape room school trip is easy to organise! Why not check out our school trips page to begin your clueQuest adventure!