Cover picture image by clueQuest escape room in london


by Agent Susan Davies

Overall, great fun and team really enjoyed it with most saying they would love to do it again. Team activity last week went down really well. We are a team based around 4 different countries in 3 time zones with ~8 nationalities and god knows how many languages spoken. We had just finished up a session on Myers Briggs types that allowed us to learn about our various preferences, with a view to developing greater trust and communication within and to learn to leverage each other’s strengths further. The thinking therefore to break out into your activity was quite fitting! I set up the teams up so that they had equal balance of these ‘types’, some quite detailed oriented/others big picture, some quite ‘timely’/others a bit more relaxed with time, etc. I personally saw this come through in my room and in conversations with team after, they all saw those traits appear and could relate it to how they best played room as a team.

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