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by Agent Not a Dad
Agent UFO Codename DAD


Not a Dad

Review of Codename DAD - 1 year ago

Codename DAD was my second clueQuest play at home game, and I had a great time playing it over two evenings. The required cutting was light, but all the interactions with the cut components were fun. The online features were great companions elements to the paper pieces. All of the puzzles were thematic and engaging. I highly recommend it!

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Too difficult for us!

We have done escape rooms before and other similar games like exit games and another cluequest print cut and escape, but found this one too difficult/ complicated, and weren't able to do any of the ta... more

Agent Supernova Codename DAD

Agent N.

Review of Codename DAD - 9 months ago


Very good and fun! Also very cool and thanks to CQ. Overall Ω/10 (The best) I really like ClueQuest (CQ) and I am looking forward to the next one!

Agent Supernova Codename DAD

Agent Agent DGS and Agent 3MK

Review of Codename DAD - 1 year ago

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