Revenge of the Sheep - brilliant

Revenge of the Sheep - brilliant

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Agent Fox


N. D.

Review of Revenge of the Sheep - 1 month ago

An excellent series of puzzles and challenges, we had a fab time doing Revenge of the Sheep for our birthday. Loved the mix of puzzle styles and use of tech, it felt challenging and rewarding. Many thanks to Rowan for looking after us and being a great host!

A challenge but a very enjoyable one!

Very impressive games - lots of things t... more Very impressive games - lots of things to do and our host was available throughout to help us out (And we needed it).

We have played 3 of ClueQuest's games now - they are very challenging (we were just a team of two) and different to other games we've played.

The only improvement could be the use of tech - in one way the use of tablets etc. is absolutely brilliant and unique, but there are a little temperamental (you may think the code/ answer has been found but the tablet didn't recognise it).

We will be coming back soon for the final game!

Agent Fox

Agent Tvanllp

Review of Revenge of the Sheep - 2 weeks ago

Excellent escape room!

Lovely experience! The instructor (Kamil... more Lovely experience! The instructor (Kamilo) was clear and dedicated to the role. We were excited to enter the room because of this!

The escape is not static so you do enter other rooms which makes it a really thought-provoking and physical experience. This made it really fun for my partner and I

Agent Star

Agent Brittany

Review of Revenge of the Sheep - 1 week ago

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