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by Agent Ade68-MTFC

Review of Other - 4 years ago

Did all three rooms - having done dozens of escape rooms around the world (amsterdam, Italy, Dublin, Iceland, etc) these are the best - great quality and also good builds and story - others often don’t have a cohesive story or linkage / build - ie they are a collection of disjointed puzzles - cluequests are not they are very well thought through and put together.

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Excellent, Fun and Engaging from start to finish!

On behalf of our team, which we named ourselves Super6 on the 2/5/24.
We would like to say a huge thank you to Jo who made the experience so much fun : ))) for most of us it was our first time, we h... more

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Agent S.

Review of Other - 2 weeks ago

SF Enrichment away day

I was told to organise the trip by the school with very short notice, only two weeks to get all the paperwork done. But the risk assessment that clueQuest provided was very thorough, I could just inco... more

Agent Elaine

Review of Other - 2 weeks ago

SF Enrichment away day

I think fun is ranked very high for school trips. I think that’s the main purpose! But interestingly, what the students consider to be fun also has to be something meaningful for them. They don’t want... more

Agent Sarah

Review of Other - 2 weeks ago

I took a group of 15 Year 10 and 11 pupils for a Christmas trip and they had a great time. Brent was extremely helpful throughout the booking process and the staff on site looked after the boys so wel... more

Agent Pete

Review of Other - 3 weeks ago

Amazing experience for our surprise engagement

I worked with Georgie and the ClueQuest team in order to use one of their escape rooms as the location of the engagement to my girlfriend. She and the team were all absolutely incredible! They worked... more

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Agent Lorcan Morgan

Review of Other - 4 months ago

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