The clueQuest Assessment Programme (CAP)

Unlock employee potential and innovate your talent management strategy with gamified assessment. Our immersive escape rooms allow you to observe and measure team or individual performance in an engaging and non-intrusive way.


Enhance your candidates' hiring experience and get to know them better by making escape room games part of your interview process. Book one of our engaging scenarios and host your next recruitment day at clueQuest!

Learning & Development
Learning & Development
Unlock your team's potential and learn more about yourselves whilst having fun! When playing one of our missions, you will learn to identify and value traits and behaviours that lead to success, both in yourself and in others.


What can you observe in an escape room?


Observe team dynamics within an immersive set-up.


Assess candidate reactions in a new, time-constrained situation.


Observe individual involvement and leadership initiatives.



Evaluate how candidates communicate by listening to in-game comments.

Problem solving

Capture outside-the-box thinking potential and creative solutions in real time.

How it works?


Before booking

We will initially get in touch to discuss your assessment objectives and then tailor the scoring sheet to match these. We also help you put together the perfect schedule for the day.


On the day

Candidates are briefed in about their mission by a designated host and they have 60 minutes to solve their way out. Meanwhile our assessors will observe your team from Mission Control where you are also more than welcome to join us. Based on our findings we will provide verbal and written feedback.


After the game

We send you tailored assessment reports and follow-up to check on the success of your CAP experience.


  • Team
  • £ 100 pp
  • Team assessment
  • Written report for the team
  • Self & Peer Assessment
  • 30 min. verbal feedback
  • 30 min conference room booking
  • Total time: 2.5 hours
  • CAP 360
  • Coming soon
  • Team and individual assessment
  • Written reports
  • Self & Peer Assessment
  • Profiling
  • 45 min. verbal feedback / team
  • 25 min. verbal feedback / participant
  • 120 min. conference room booking
  • Total time: 4 hours

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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The clueQuest Assessment Programme (CAP) aims to complement existing assessment procedures by using gamified real-time assessment. CAP combines real-life, immersive escape room games with HR expertise to ensure that talent acquisition and retention is more personal, fun, and engaging than most traditional recruitment procedures.

CAP is for companies who want to make better hiring decisions, enhance employee engagement or simply improve team dynamics.

Whilst candidates are busy solving their way out of an escape room, assessors can directly observe soft skills at work via a live stream and also listen in on candidate comments and suggestions while taking notes with the help of our scoring sheets.

Each game is designed to challenge and assess skills such as: leadership, communication and problem solving. Asessors can also observe general team dynamics and individual behaviour/attitude.

Our assessment programme can help you improve team based performance, enhance employee engagement and innovate your candidate selection strategy.

We currently have 9 escape rooms that can host 3-5 candidates each during one game session. For more information and to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Yes, we actually recommend to join us in Mission Control to gain more insight and to get the maxmium out of CAP

The games are designed to bring out the best in each team/candidate - there is no 'bad' performance. Your actions throughout the game will highlight the areas that require improvement. CAP is a learning exercise, not a test. Therefore all the outcomes are there to help players discover more about individual performance and team dynamics.

All data is stored securely within our business servers. Reports are anonymised after 12 months. All written reports or notes taken by assesors on site will be forwarded to you within 5 working days.

We recommend integrating CAP into your work day and book on weekdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

The participants can be whoever you choose them to be - whether departmental, inter-departmental or potential candidates for an interview or promotion.

All teams will be aware that their gameplay will be monitored, however, the details of what is being assessed can be agreed prior to the game. When assessing team performance, for example, we would be looking at how they communicate, make decisions and problem solve as a team. For individual assessment we would be looking at how well they work in a team, how they cope under pressure and we will observe any leadership traits that come to the fore in the game itself.

Yes. We will prepare a report which will outline the overall performance of the team and how well they worked together based upon the observed KPI's and advise on any areas that require attention or improvement.

Yes, depending on your assessment obectives. Individual candidates will each be given a self- assessment sheet to fill out; this will sit alongside the assessment report put together by our assessors. The report will highlight successful strategies and any areas for improvement.

Our HR manager will walk you through our scoring system and brief you in on what can be measured before the experience; you will tell us what the purpose of the game is and what skills you are interested in so we can tailor the measurements to your needs.

Our 3 different missions are set at varying degrees of difficulty and flow, as well as style and theme. Therefore, depending on your objectives, we advise getting in touch to discuss which mission would be best suited for your needs.

After the game, the team debrief will take aproximately 20 minutes. The feedback session lasts 30 to 120 minutes depending on the type of assessment you choose.

Depending on what you have in mind, we will do our best to tailor the experience to your needs. For more information, please get in touch.

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