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Why live team buildings are essential in hybrid working

by clueQuest

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The good news is that your company is probably saving handsomely on office space and that budget - or at least some of it - should be reassigned to organising meaningful team buildings to keep everyone connected with their colleagues beyond their work relations.

Working with and meeting someone face to face became so much more precious simply because of its newly found scarcity. Without those water cooler moments or bumping into someone in the kitchen while making tea a lot of online meetings are limited to talking about work. We know, work is supposed to be about work after all - duh - but bonding a team together goes way beyond that.

Shared live experiences such as bowling, taking a cooking class, beating the boss in go-kart, escaping the room together (You didn’t expect us to leave this one out, did you!?) or competing in archery is and will remain the best way to build a strong bond between team members. They create stories that get recited for months and years to come. And we as humans bond over shared memories.

That’s where you come in by choosing the right team building experiences for your team and the recipe for a such team building event is simple:

  • The event is away from the office in a new and exciting setting
  • The customer team of such location looks after your team with genuine care
  • The whole team works towards a common goal or compete in smaller groups
  • You make new shared memories as a team

Whether you’ll book your next team event with us or not, make sure you keep creating new memories with your team through amazing team building activities.

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