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Get Egg-cited this Easter with Some Cracking Puzzles

by Freya Carroll

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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Easter’? Chocolate? Church? Chicks? Well, we think of our favourite thing… puzzles!

But how to make Easter more puzzle-tastic? We’ve come up with a few ways to jazz up your Easter Egg Hunts, give some spice to your Hot Cross Buns, and overall make everything a little more secret agent-y!

  1. Hide a Surprise in your Easter Eggs!

In the Victorian period, it was traditional to hide a sixpence in the Christmas Pudding; whoever had it in their slice supposedly was in store for a year of good luck! But why let Christmas have all the fun? We’re not advocating hiding money in your cakes, but why not sneak a small toy or message into an Easter Egg? Slice it in half with a hot knife, hide something inside and then stick the melted pieces back together. Then play a game of ‘who has the special egg’!

  1. Make a Cryptic Egg Hunt!

We all love being released into a garden to search for as many hidden eggs as we can find! This year, why not create clues to help the searchers find each egg? Little riddles can be hidden with each egg to lead them to the next one! Or instead of clues, draw a map to the eggs’ location. Cut up the map, and hide them! Then the searchers can piece it together to find their Easter treats! To make it even more difficult, hide the eggs in a padlocked box and have them figure out the combination…

If you want to make it a competition, place coloured ribbons with each egg. Whichever team can find all the eggs of their ribbon colour first, wins!

  1. Play Operation E.G.G!

Our fabulous Print+Cut+Escape game has now been released in colour! Join MM7, Mr Q’s robot assistant, on his first mission as he attempts to stop Professor Black Sheep from poaching the Elastic Gateway Generator! 



Happy puzzling, Agents, and Happy Easter!