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PLAN52: Snow Way Out - Limited Edition!

by Freya Carroll

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Attention, agents! Here at clueQuest we’ve received new intel that could ruin Christmas forever! There’s been an emergency at the North Pole, and Mrs Claus, Santa, and every single reindeer is relying on clueQuest to save the day

For a limited time only, clueQuest agents are invited to enter the rooms of PLAN52 to stop the Professor from destroying everyone’s presents. He’s on the naughty list again, you see, and he’s not very happy about it! You’ll have sixty minutes to solve puzzles in a room that’s been dressed to the nines for December. We’ve spared no expense - after all, ‘tis the season for giving our agents a great time! 

Never fear, agents, it’s still the PLAN52 you know and love, just with a festive twist. Expect to see garlands, stars and snowflakes - we’ve even made a few changes to the puzzles to make things extra special. We're proud to say that it's the only Christmas Escape Room in London this year, so if you're looking for some seasonal team bonding, family fun or something a little different than the usual tourist trap, clueQuest is the place for you! Hold  on for ‘deer’ life, agents… and book now!

  • Falling Star is rising again!

    16/12/2022 by Andy Tucker

    Falling Star is back with an updated online game system for a great puzzle experience. We’re very proud of this