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We are back

by clueQuest

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We have good news, perhaps the best in this year so far. You guess? Yes, it’s official! We are back! Finally, we can open our doors and can’t wait to meet you not just online but face to face too.

In the last few months we all had a difficult time and to be quite honest, unfortunately this whole coronavirus situation is not over yet. Not an easy situation. People really miss their families and friends, many had hardship at work, not to mention the large number of corona cases. In such difficult times we hope that our Print+Cut+Escape games helped you to create some nice moments. If so, we have achieved our goal but it’s time to meet face to face because we have to save the world!

We couldn't have made it without you

Earlier we told you how our game Print+Cut+Escape! saved us and for that we needed you. Thank you again for supporting us with your purchases. And also thanks for the many positive feedback about PCE! We are grateful that it has given so many of you a memorable experience.

Although this started out as a temporary solution we will keep it going because nothing compares to play clueQuest in the comfort of your home. But let’s be honest, nothing is as thrilling as the real deal of ripping a room apart searching for clues. So Mr Q is calling all agents to return to the field and help defeat Professor Blacksheep.

While we were in lockdown, we didn’t just develop Print+Cut+Escape! but among other things, we did a complete facelift to our PLAN52 mission. The location is the same, but the experience has changed a lot. Definitely worth a look. Without you, all this would not have been possible. A huge thank you for the support, which will help us continue to have memorable moments for you.

How we are moving forward

Health and safety of our customers and employees have always been one of our top priorities but now it important more than ever to keep everyone safe. What are we doing to crank up safety a notch from our regular operation:

  1. 1. Our spacious 800 sqm venue ensures that you can always safely distance yourself from other teams.
  2. 2. We will only open some of our rooms so we can alternate between the copies making sure there is enough time for a thorough clean.
  3. 3. Disinfection gel will be provided in all key areas and our team will wear protective gear.

For safety’s sake, all supplies in the rooms will be disinfected after each round. Two sets of props will rotate between the sessions, while one is used, the other is carefully disinfected. For visitors, wearing masks is required in the common areas but optional once inside the mission room. We provide all the necessary accessories for your and our safety. You only need to focus on the good things.

Together again

The last few months have been an incredible rollercoaster ride for the all of us and we can’t even express how thrilled we are to be able to meet in person again, save the world, and have a celebratory beer together. Of course it is still very important to pay special attention to each other's health and safety, so please be mindful of one another to ensure that everyone will keep only good memories about the time spent together.