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How we have updated our health and safety procedures

by clueQuest

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Escape rooms are all about checking out from the real world for an hour of puzzle solving team fun. But how can you do that when you have to social distance and be mindful of what you touch. Well, we have figured it out for you so you can just focus on the fun and leave the rest to us.

Health and safety has always been one of our top priorities but now we have added extra layers to ensure the safety of our agents (you!) as well as our staff. The key areas we have identified to do this is social distancing, thorough cleaning of the rooms between each session and hand washing.


We said you won’t have to mind this right? And we will stay true to our word. Since our venue is over 8000 square feet with multiple briefing areas you won’t even notice that you are doing it. We will only have as many teams on site as many separate briefing areas we have, so keeping your distance won’t be a problem at any given point.

Once you have received your mission brief you will be in one of the private mission rooms, so you can just forget about the outside world and focus on saving us from the ever plotting Professor Blacksheep.


We have always been very proud of the cleanliness of our venue, but we won’t compromise here so we have come up with a completely new procedure to take things to the next level. We have decided to turn one of our 11 escape room units into a dedicated cleaning facility.

While the hosts will be cleaning the surfaces in the room between each session, they collect all the props that have just been used and drop them off at the cleaning unit for disinfection. They pick up a new set of props that have just been cleaned by a dedicated staff member, which means that you will never touch a prop that has been used by another team before you.

Furthermore the props that are difficult to clean were removed or replaced by something else, but don’t worry we were careful not to alter the experience of the game.


This may sound very simple, but this has been proven to be very effective so we will ask everyone upon arrival to sanitise their hands. You can also wash them instead if that's your preferred way. You would probably go to the loo anyway to make sure nothing distracts you during your mission and washing your hands should be part of that procedure really.

You will find disinfection gel in all the key areas around the building. We will also ask you to wear a mask in the common areas, which you can remove once you are in the mission room.


You will see our team wearing protective gear, which you might think will take away from the experience. Quite the contrary! We are a secret spy agency after all and this is a highly confidential spy facility. So everything will be in character and clueQuest will be the first place where this strange way of life will finally feel like the natural way of things.

We can’t press this enough, but the health and safety of all clueQuest agents are our utmost priority, now more than ever. If you have any questions about our new procedures don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are here to answer them.

Now all that remains is to assemble your A-team, pick a date and book your next escape mission. And if you don’t feel ready just yet, don’t worry. We understand. But make sure you keep the grey cells in training with one of our play at home games.