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I've Got a Golden Ticket!

by Freya Carroll

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After another successful month with several happy Golden Ticket Winners, Our Intrepid Reporter conducted some vox pop interviews to see what some of the lucky agents had to say!

Our Intrepid Reporter: You’ve just won £1000 worth of clueQuest experiences! How do you feel?

Lucky Winner: Amazing, I feel like I won something big!

OIR: In order to win this month, you had to find the Golden Sheep in one of our rooms. What did you think when you found it?

LW: We didn’t realise what it was! We thought we had to slot it in somewhere, that it was part of the game. 

Another Lucky Winner: Finding the sheep was my main mission, so it felt pretty good!

OIR: Without spoilers, what was your favourite part of the room?

ALW: The final puzzle was very fast-paced - it was exciting! We were very warmed up by that point from running around finding codes, so we were in puzzle-solving mode, which meant we were quick with it.

OIR: What mission are you thinking of trying next?

LW: I like the sound of Glitch Hunters!

OIR: Do you have any advice for future clueQuest agents?

LW: Teamwork is important. On your own, when you’re thinking of things by yourself, you can’t really reach a conclusion. But if you’ve thought of something, and suddenly your teammate goes, ‘I’ve found this thing!’, it all comes together, which makes it a lot more fun.

A Third Lucky Winner: Just have fun!

OIR: Do you have any final words for your new boss, Mr Q?

ALW: Thanks for looking out for London! We know we are in safe hands with you watching over us. 

ATLW: Please give me another £1000!

We're delighted that our winners are so excited with their prizes! Watch this space for how to win the next Golden Ticket, and for some exciting Christmas-sy developments...!