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Golden Ticket Winner - Interview

by Zoli Papp

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We sat down with Karan, the winner of our Golden Ticket from the second of our Tenth Anniversary Raffles.  He might be new to the world of escape rooms with just two games under his belt, but he will soon become a clueQuest expert with a £1,000 Golden Ticket in his pocket!

Tell us a little bit about yourself - how did you get recruited by Mr Q?

I am a beginner in the world of escape room missions - it was my first time working with Mr Q and second mission overall. We found Mr Q because he had exactly what we were looking for - missions where two teams can play games in parallel and compete against each other. 

Which clueQuest game did you play?

We played Operation Blacksheep, where Professor Blacksheep (the bad guy) is trying to launch a satellite that can control human minds. Mr. Q wants you to destroy the satellite and save yourselves in doing so. It is an action-packed plot and a super fun game!

What was your favourite part of the game?

It has to be the part where we direct the rocket from its base position to the target point. It required quite a lot of coordination between all the players. We all were shouting at the player controlling the rocket, 'go left, no go right, no no no go the other side'. No doubt it was the most thrilling part of the game for the whole team. 

Which game would you like to try next?

I think the next should be Plan52. It has the same difficulty level as Operation Blacksheep. Before jumping onto the difficult ones, I think it;s good to cover the bases first. Also, the previous winner of the Golden ticket said Plan52 is their favourite game at clueQuest. In the end, we will be playing all the games. 

Do you have any advice for other players?

If you are confused (which I was most of the time) during the game, just pick another task and try to figure it out. In the end everything will fall into place. Just to remind you, it was my second escape game of all time, so don't take my advice seriously... Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you enjoy the game.

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How did you feel when you found out about winning a Golden Ticket?

One of my team members mentioned that I won a Golden Ticket. I couldn't believe my luck, this kind of thing never happens to me! Later, I saw the email and after staring at it for a while I realised that I actually did win the Golden ticket. It must be because of chatGPT, I think chatGPT likes me. 

How are you planning to use your ticket?

We came as a group to play at clueQuest and I won the ticket because of them. So we will be playing many more games very soon. The whole group is very excited about trying new games. 

Do you have any fun stories from your visit you could share with us?

There are so many of them. I think operating the rocket ship I mentioned earlier was the best one. Another amusing one was with the boot. At some point during the game we came across a boot, which, like everything else, must be a hint for something. So I carried the boot around for about 15 minutes until we found the correct place. During those 15 minutes, I was just running around and asking "I have a boot, does it help?" for everything.

Would you like to send a message to Mr Q?

Mr Q, it was a successful start to our partnership. We shall see you soon for our next mission... 

We couldn't be happier that our second Golden Ticket found such a nice owner, and there are more winners to come. Head to our Facebook page to take part in this month's raffle or check out our games here and book your next spytastic adventure.

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