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Five unexpected benefits of lockdown escape games, as learned from your reviews

by clueQuest

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We’re not gonna lie, when we first came up with our print and play escape game, Print+Cut+Escape! we had no motive other than saving our business in these challenging times. 


However, after reading your reviews and feedback, we’re starting to realise that play at home escape games offer numerous benefits we never imagined. Here are just a couple of them:



A distraction from the current situation


No need for further explanation, COVID-19 has been tough on all of us, in a multitude of different ways. We always knew people would enjoy playing escape games while stuck at home, but we didn’t fully appreciate just how much good it could do them. 



Finding a pastime to momentarily occupy your mind - whether it’s lockdown escape games, jigsaw puzzles or even sketching - can give a much-needed moment of mental reprieve. It’s escapism in both senses of the word!



Bringing people together during lockdown


Since we launched Print+Cut+Escape! one of the most common questions we receive is: “can we play this game with friends?”. We hadn’t originally imagined the game would be played between households, but we were happy for people to play along this way. So we decided to make this possible for free, and even published a guide on how to hold your own virtual escape game party.



When we set up clueQuest, our vision was to create shared memories for people, so it makes us really happy that our print and play games can achieve this too!



Connecting international friends and family


Once people started playing on Zoom, another unexpected benefit began to emerge: people could play along with friends and family in other countries.



Not only did this help people connect with each other in a time of lockdown and isolation, it also meant they could play escape games with people they wouldn’t usually be able to join in a physical Escape Room - even in regular times!



Helping to celebrate milestones


Lockdown has been especially tough for those forced to change their plans for milestones like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. But we were so thrilled to see so many of you choosing to celebrate with Print+Cut+Escape!



Once again, thanks to video conferencing solutions like Zoom, people can even invite their friends to join in the fun. We put together this guide to help people organise an escape game birthday with Print+Cut+Escape! but really it could be used to plan any milestone.



Sharing the love


After “can I play this with friends?”, the next most common question we receive is: “can I give this as a gift?” Even in today’s unprecedented times, people are first and foremost looking out for each other!



In response to this request, we introduced Print+Cut+Escape! gift vouchers which people can use to share the game with their loved ones. We also put together a guide with ideas for surprising your love with an escape game date night!

For us, the most rewarding part of Print+Cut+Escape! is hearing about how it is helping our customers in this difficult time. Of course, nothing can compare to the work of our NHS staff and essential workers, but it’s so nice to know that we can also play a role in our own way. 



You can find out more about the Print+Cut+Escape! range here