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Print + Cut + Escape

Now you can enjoy the clueQuest experience at home with our new printable escape puzzle.


Episode 2 is now available.

Total copies sold: 6553

How it works

We may have had to close our doors for now, but you can still keep those grey cells moving. With Print + Cut + Escape you can enjoy the same clueQuest experience from your living room. Or even on the loo if you like (no judgement). Playing the game is as easy as it sounds. Simply print the file, cut out the puzzles and play!


Log on to the online platform and download the .pdf file. Print it out at home.


Get your scissors handy! Follow the instructions to cut out the puzzles.


Use your code to access the online game system. Solve the puzzles before the time runs out.


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<strong>Print @ Home | £12</strong>
Print @ Home | £12

One print-at-home escape mission.

<strong>Print & Post | £25</strong>
Print & Post | £25

No printer? No problem. We will assemble the escape puzzle in a premium package and post it to you. (UK only).

<strong>Super Supporter | £50</strong>
Super Supporter | £50

This option is for agents wanting to show us a little extra support in this difficult time. It includes a print-at-home escape puzzle, as well as a £50 voucher to enjoy in better times.

<strong>Super Supporter + Print & Post| £60</strong>
Super Supporter + Print & Post| £60

Same as Super Supporter but this package is assembled and sent to you directly in a premium package (UK only).

Behind the scenes

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#PrintCutEscape selfies

We love seeing victory selfies from agents around the world enjoying Print+Cut+Escape!, so every week we are rewarding our five favourites with an advance pass to Episode 2.


Facebook Live event in the workshop

Viewers went Behind the Scenes at our workshop during a Facebook Live event, where our Creative Director Gigi explained the artistic thought process behind Print+Cut+Escape! And a special guest - none other than Professor Blacksheep - revealed the launch date for Episode 2: 12. 05. 2020!


Episode 2 is confirmed

We did it, or shall we say you did it! ;) <3 We have reached our first target of 1,000 sold copies so Episode 2 is now confirmed. Wohooo!! We can’t tell you how overwhelmed we are with your support and by the individual stories we hear about how Print+Cut+Escape! helps you to still create memorable experiences with your loved ones despite these difficult times. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for Episode 2 updates.


Launch event

Stolen IQ our Print+Cut+Escape! game launches On Tuesday, 7th of April at 11:30 AM (GMT+1) the game went live. We then checked in from our venue with a Facebook Live product launch event and also returned for a Q&A session a bit later. Just under 24 hours we have reached half of our initial target of a 1,000 copies sold to bring you Episode #2. There are no words for the overwhelming support from all of you. Thank you!


We are almost there

Bringing a new mission to life is always a long process for us as we hold ourselves accountable for the reputation clueQuest made for memorable experiences. So taking away from the quality for a quicker launch was never on the table, instead we worked around the clock to cram all the steps in a shorter period of time. From concept, through various design iterations and testing we are now just a day away from launching the game. Join us in a Facebook live event tomorrow to hear more about how this project came to life.


Looking ahead

Just like everyone else, we are hoping that things go back to normal as soon as possible. But maybe there’s a place for Print + Cut + Escape in the future? Based on the response to this version (it’s been pretty warm so far!) we are considering producing a follow-up edition further down the line. Watch this space.


Bringing an idea alive

The team has pulled out all the stops to produce a thrilling puzzle as soon as possible. The game is currently in its fourth iteration, and we are just about to reach the final phase of testing. We are so excited to share the finished product with you!


Escape at home, but how?

Ever the ideas man, our Creative Director Gigi was the one with the lightbulb moment: why not create a printable escape puzzle for agents to tackle at home? With that, Print + Cut + Escape was born.


Strange times

With a heavy heart, clueQuest was called to close its doors temporarily in line with government regulations. With so many agents stuck in doors, we were determined to devise an escape room-like experience they could enjoy at home. There wasn’t a moment to lose!

Rated by 400+ players

Locked in?

Enjoy the clueQuest experience at home.

Got any questions?

Check our FAQ or get in touch.

Mission FAQ

No printer? No problem, we will have a posted option where we print the game on high quality paper, cut it for you and package it up in spy theme. Unfortunately for the time being this will only be available for UK residents.

No need for colour printing, the game is fully designed in black&white.

No limit for how many people can play at once but we recommend groups with 2-4 players.

Absolutely, our 2-4 player recommendation is just a guidance, the game doesn't have any elements that requires a minimum of two people.

This game was designed having adults in mind but we would say for children 13 and up can take part. We are planning a family focused game too.

A printer, a pair of scissors a stable internet connection for the online game system and your wits to solve the puzzle.

The game comes with a one time access code. If you wish to share the experience we recommend setting up a screenshare for the online game system and you can share the pdf with the other players. Or you can always buy separate copies.

Absoutely, buy a copy then forward the confirmation email to the person you would like to surprise.

An online game system is part of the package where you can see your remaining time, add in your answers and ask for clues.

Game system faq

The timer goes upwards to alleviate the stress of time, so you can play as long as you wish. You can also reset the game to the first step with the 'Reset' button at the top during the game.

No need to panic, just return to your order confirmation email, click on the "secret link", then on the green button and voila you should be back where you left the game off

We recommend to cut everything in advance, but you can also play then stop to cut for a new chapter it is up to you. The face recognition is the only part where we would say you can figure out the solution first then cut the relevant pieces. But if you are like us and consider the cutting as part of the fun, why not cut all of them?! :)

You will see a question mark at the bottom of each page, which has 3 pre written clues. You can also reveal the solution if you get completely stuck.

Got an enquiry?

Get in touch +44 779 877 2382