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How to plan an escape game date night during lockdown

by clueQuest

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The cinemas may be closed right now, and all your favourite restaurants may only be serving on Deliveroo, but that’s no excuse for forgoing date night! Why not treat your beloved to an escape room in the comfort of your home? Here’s how!

What you’ll need:

- Printer (No printer? No problem! - we also have a print and post option)
- Scissors
- Pens and paper
- Spy costumes (optional)
- Your favourite spy film (optional)
- Champagne (optional)


1. Order our print and play escape game Print+Cut+Escape! and set a date with your beloved. Leave the activity a surprise, but tell your date to dress up in their best spy outfit.
2. Download the PDF MISSION FILES, print them out and get cutting. 
3. Put the MISSION FILES into envelopes with a personal message addressed to your love - create a spy alias for both of you to play out during the game!
4. Set up a MISSION CONTROL - this is where you will play the game. Find a table and some chairs (or your couch - no judgement!) Layout some clipboards and set up the ONLINE GAME SYSTEM on your computer (you’ll find the link in your confirmation email) 
5. Why not put on a playlist of spy songs to get in the mood (this Spotify list is pretty on-theme) Do you have a favourite spy movie? Cue this up for after the game.
6. Now it’s time to log on to the ONLINE GAME SYSTEM and start your game - don’t forget you’re international spies! Play the part and enjoy some fine champagne.
7. Work together to escape... The clock is ticking, agents!


What you do after the date is up to you ;) But don’t forget to take a victory selfie first! We’d love to see how you and your loved one enjoyed your escape game date night. Share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag #PrintCutEscape, tagging us @clueQuest. Our favourites will win an Advanced ticket to Episode 3.