Operation:Booth Camp @ MCM London Comic Con

Published: Modified: Author: Publisher: clueQuest Ltd.

Mr Q  is setting up a secret agent boot(h) camp at MCM London Comic Con. His secret agent scouts will be on the lookout for recruits to try out our newest pop-up puzzle and to learn more about the clueQuest universe and storyline.

If you are attending Comic Con, we've prepared two mini-games for you to experience, on-the-day team competitions and fun clueQuest prizes! Moreover, our design team will join us to showcase their work by offering the public a sneak peek at their upcoming clueQuest comic book project which will bring Mr Q's world to life through AR technology. Exciting stuff. :D

Find us at booth no. 3724, or - if you can not join us at the ExCel Exhibition Centre, don't be blue - you can follow our live Facebook videos and updates between the 26th-28th of May. We'll be giving away one clueQuest experience per day to a lucky viewer!

Mission Control, over and out.


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