Mission Outlines

PLAN52 red box

Difficulty: medium

clueQuest PLAN52


Operation BlackSheep satellite

Difficulty: medium

clueQuest Operation BlackSheep

Revenge of the Sheep SheepMutator

Difficulty: hard

clueQuest Revenge of the Sheep

You and your team will be locked in a room that will put your logic & your friendship to the test!

Teams of 3-5 players can pick between three available missions: PLAN52, which is Mr Q’s secret office, Operation BlackSheep which unfolds in the lair of Mr Q’s arch-enemy: the evil mad scientist, Professor BlackSheep and for the more experienced we recommend our third newest mission, Revenge of the Sheep which follows the Professor’s new diabolical plan to end mankind.

The Escape Room Game - locked in a room filled with mystery - find the clues & solve the mystery - escape & celebrate