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Humans of clueQuest: Camilo and the Sleeping Dragon

by Freya Carroll

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Humans of clueQuest is all about the sweet and hilarious stories our Gamesmakers see through CCTV in our escape room games. In this one, Agent Camilo shares the story of a sleeper agent who took his role to heart…

“One time I was working here - it was quite late, one of the last games of the day - and a group of guys had come for a stag do. They had decided to split into two teams, and they were going to play PLAN52. One of the teams had this guy - he was wearing one of those blow up dragon costumes that are supposed to look like you’re riding a dragon. And he was clearly exhausted, like, so, so tired. I didn’t say that a dragon costume maybe wasn’t the best idea for an escape room, because to be fair, the air had left the suit, he was just wearing a wrinkly dragon!

So I put them in the room. They’re doing pretty well when he sat down on the floor for a rest. I guess it was to celebrate solving a puzzle? And he just fell asleep. Like, slumped over sideways, started snoring, the full works. And his team just carried on playing!

Only trouble was, he’d fallen asleep right in front of a cupboard that the team would need to unlock to progress. So when they got to the point where they needed to open it, they just grabbed his legs and dragged him out of the way. They properly had to pull him, and he kept sleeping through it! They just laid him down in a corner and carried on! And he stayed asleep until the end, until I had to go in and debrief the team. He actually came back a few weeks later to play it again, to get the proper experience. 

I guess even dragons can get burned out.”

When Camilo isn’t running a game at clueQuest, he can be found playing guitar and Call of Duty. You can come and put your super spy skills to the test at one of our four rooms here on Caledonian Road.