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Halloween at clueQuest | There's Still Time to Trick or Treat

by Louis Cammell

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Halloween is here once more! Much to the delight of Professor Blacksheep, who spends every year waiting for it as if it were Christmas. And let’s face it; Mr Q wouldn’t wish for even his worst enemy’s favourite celebrations to be cut short. That’s why you can Trick or Treat at clueQuest right up until Sunday.

But what is Trick or Treat at clueQuest?

Well, we’re glad you asked, since any sweet-toothed zombies looking to fill their sweet-jars may be disappointed… If what you crave is escape rooms, on the other hand, we think you’ll like this.

Our specially printed trick or Treat cards have been hiding in each and every one of our physical missions since Monday, and are replaced after every game. Originally, the kind-hearted Mr Q only printed treats (he’s never been one for nastiness) and what generous treats they are too. Flip one over and you could win a clueQuest voucher to the value of up to a whopping £40!

Be careful, though… Professor Blacksheep wasn’t about to let that pesky mouse have all the fun. He and his gang of henchmen have infiltrated the rooms and replaced some of our Treat Cards with identical looking Trick cards which may deduct up to 60 seconds of your escape time (you won’t see the change on your clock, but the time will be added to your final score).

What if I just want to play as normal?

If you’re not one for taking a gamble, that’s fine by us. Just leave the cards untouched, where you found them. We promise they’re not concealing anything that is otherwise crucial to your mission. 


How do my odds look?

If you do fancy you chances, then we’d say they’re are pretty good. The Professor - despite the constant bad press we give him - isn’t pure evil all the time, and kindly agreed to only switch out half of our treat cards. Since there are two cards in each room per game, you’re thus pretty much guaranteed to find one Trick and one Treat. 


Besides, what’s life without a little risk?...


Concerned about scares? Don’t worry, this blog post should clear that up.


Trick or Treat at clueQuest runs until 03/11/19 across all rooms except VR. To see all of our missions, simply click here.