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Halloween at clueQuest | Leave Gore at the Door

by Louis Cammell

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It’s October, and you know what that means! Paint your faces; cut holes in your sheets; get ready for a sugar-rush, Halloween is here! But fear not… Well, no more than you should this time of year. By Mr Q’s orders, our mission this month is to make sure we stay family-friendly.

While it takes eyes like a hawk to be recruited as one of Mr Q’s agents, even those without them can plainly see that horror is big in escape rooms. And fair enough too, we sure aren’t above a good scare in an immersive setting. But any clueQuest lover will know it’s simply not our style. While the thought of Professor Blacksheep taking over the minds of Londoners with his satellite- or turning them into sheep, for that matter - may turn your stomach, that’s about as far as we like to go.


You may well notice some changes to our lobby on your visit, courtesy of our keen decorator Aniko, but the aesthetic of our games themselves won’t be changing.

So how are we celebrating?

Well, trick or treat is still on the cards. Mr Q may well be a scaredy-cat (or should that be scaredy-mouse?) but he still wants to make the most out of October. The only trouble is, if it was solely up to him, you’d all get treats… And that’s where Professor Blacksheep has meddled.


For the last week of October, our endearingly naive mouse boss believes our rooms to be full of ‘Treat’ cards, entitling the players who find and flip them to… Well, that’d be telling. Just know that it may well save you a few precious seconds on the clock. 


But of course, things are never that easy. Don’t ask us how, but the Professor seems to have cleverly replaced some at random, leaving their unfortunate readers with an unexpected penalty which may send them rushing to make up some time… Are we being cryptic enough here? Probably not. Don’t tell our boss.


What if we just want to play as normal?

Not a problem. If you’ve already got your Christmas head on and simply want to skip over October celebrations altogether, just leave the cards as they are. You won’t benefit from the treats of course, but you won’t have to worry about that pesky sheep ruining your game.


Halloween celebrations at clueQuest will be running until early November, after which things will return to normal. Well… besides all the world-saving and evil sheep. In any case, we hope you’ll be up to the challenge.


Over and out!