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Coronation Special: If clueQuest Wore the Crown

by Freya Carroll

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This coming Saturday, Charles III will be officially crowned King, and we’re sure the streets will be filled with expectant onlookers (including some of our gamesmakers!). For a clueQuest spin on the coronation, we asked Mr Q and friends what they would do if they were King for a day...

Mr Q 

The head of our spy organisation would make sure the Professor’s evil plans were stopped for good, and then replace the crown jewels with cheese! 

Professor Blacksheep 

If this villainous sheep were king, he would order everyone to wear sheep masks all day - we think it’s a baaaa-d idea, but we don’t want to challenge him!

Mrs Q 

Mrs Q doesn’t need to be king for a day - she already rules over clueQuest, and we’re delighted to have her!


If Mr Q’s right hand robot were in charge, he would get everyone in the palace to teach him everything they know… what’s a ‘constitution?’

Kevin the Snail 

By the time Kevin managed to get himself on the throne, the day would be over - he is a snail, after all! 

Our Intrepid Reporter 

Our Intrepid Reporter would order everyone to read the blog; why not start with Mr Q's Picks: Springing into Action?

If you’re wondering what to do on Coronation Day, we have plenty of availability for our four escape room missions. You can book your secret agent experience here