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clueQuest: the More the Merrier!

by Freya Carroll

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Summertime, and the living is easy. What’s hard is figuring out what sort of activity could suit your smorgasbord of friends. Perhaps a trip to an outdoor cinema, or a game of football in honour of the Lionesses? (If you’re looking for even more ideas, why not check out Mr Q’s Picks: Summer Fun?). It’s tough to find things that a large group of people can call be participate, so it’s understandable if you’re thinking your options are pretty limited.

That’s where clueQuest comes in.

Here at clueQuest we offer multiple copies of our four escape rooms, meaning no one gets left out of the group fun! Whether it’s you and your closest eleven friends looking for a puzzling hen do, your child’s birthday party with their entire class, or even a team-building away day, clueQuest goes above and beyond to make sure that every occasion is catered for, no matter how many attendees you would like to bring. 

That’s not all! We’ve also just opened our first outdoor escape game, Glitch Hunters, a real-life quest to save the world! The best part is, up to eight people can play at once, perfect for a family searching for a thrilling adventure.

Fun is in our DNA at clueQuest, and we believe everyone should be able to participate, and have multiple copies of rooms (including a whopping four of our PLAN52 escape misison) to facilitate this. For more information about our rooms and how to book, click here

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