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Book Your Christmas Work Social at clueQuest

by Freya Carroll

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Last Minute Christmas Holiday Social

Come in, Christmas Work Party Planner! We’ve got a message for you straight from HQ: you’ve been tasked with a brand new mission - create the best company holiday social your colleagues have ever seen! We know this is a big undertaking, Agent Planner, but don’t panic - your fellow agents at clueQuest are ready with every tool you’re going to need.


Every office party needs something to give it that festive lift. Some rely on karaoke, others on limbo - but there’s aren’t exactly going to make for a memorable Christmas party. Why not instead arrange to visit the only Christmas-themed escape room in London? Our rooms will easily get your co-workers on the same page to defeat the Professor, and make sure he gets coal in his stocking this year! 


Mission Control is always on hand to help you out of a bind, whether helping you navigate through a wall of lasers or assisting you in planning the event of the year! We have a dedicated team working to ensure that your last minute work-do goes off without a hitch.


clueQuest comes equipped with two private spaces that are perfect for socials of many sizes! An intimate gathering of ten will enjoy festive drinks in our cosy Apollo Room, while a group of up to sixty-six agents can relax in comfort in our Conference Room at any time. Every mission deserves a base of operations, and yours comes with snacks!


Of course, secret agents need fuel, and clueQuest is happy to deliver a catered holiday package. We liaise with different catering companies to get you exactly what you need, with every and all dietary requirements: gluten-free, vegan, halal - you name it!


Why not escape the usual Christmas office party, and embrace a unique holiday social filled with puzzles, fun, and escape room thrills. It’ll be a work party to remember, where ‘Secret’ Santa is only the beginning of the super spy fun. You can read through our Christmas Team Building Packages (Mince Spy, Frozen Escape and Elf Squad) on our site here. There’s bound to be a holiday work package that suits your wishlist!

And if THAT’S not enough to fix your holiday party planning bind, you don’t have to take our word for it. Previous agents have left us glowing reviews, all of which can be read on our TrustPilot page

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