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Welcome to the 2nd month of the year! The long weeks of January have finally ended and we can start looking forward to the rest of 2020!

To celebrate that it’s February, we’ve released our highly sought after Team Of Two Ticket for a limited time! This means no waiting for your group chat to get back to you with dates they are available or chase down Simple Sally or Miserly Mark for money. Just grab a friend or date (insert emoji eyes), split the cost down the middle and head to the best escape room in town, clueQuest, obviously. This ticket is available to purchase from the 3rd - 29th February, all week excluding Saturdays, when selecting PLAN52 or Operation Blacksheep as a mission. 

Oh, by the way, by purchasing one of our team of two tickets, you’ll be automatically entered into our TEAM OF TWO TIME CHALLENGE. The fastest time on the missions mentioned above will win an exclusive prize; a free invitation to try Ubisoft’s upcoming VR experience PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE DAGGER OF TIME, making you one of the first in the country to play! More details about Ubisoft's new experience will be shared soon.

Up for the challenge? Then grab your best bud and come & play…. Because sometimes, three’s a crowd!



*The team of tickets are on sale at promotional pricing: £30pp (Off-peak) & £35pp (Peak)