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Print+Cut+Escape! Team selfie promotion

by clueQuest

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Want to win your free ticket to the next episode of our new print-at-home escape game, Print+Cut+Escape!? Following the success of Episode 1, which was released in April, we have recently unveiled a second edition, and will soon be launching a third. All you need to do to win a free copy is post your team selfie while playing Episode 1 or Episode 2.

How to play

 1.  Take a selfie of you and your team playing Episode 1 or Episode 2 of Print+Cut+Escape! 

 2.  Ask your team members for permission to share

 3.  Post it on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tagging @cluequest and using the hashtag #PrintCutEscape

 4.  Make sure you follow us wherever you posted your pic, to find out if you’ve won

It’s that simple! Every week, we will be choosing our favourite 5 selfies, and awarding a free ticket to each of those teams. We will publish the winners on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

When will Episode 3 be released?

We promised on our website that we would start working on Episode 3 once we reached 2,000 sales, which you helped us achieve at the start of Easter. We released Episode 2 on May 12th, and we have been working on Episode 3 ever since, with the aim to launch it ASAP. To avoid disappointment, we don’t want to commit to a specific date, but we really hope it will be out by mid-June. Stay tuned here and on our social channels!

What is Print+Cut+Escape!?

Print+Cut+Escape! is our new print-at-home escape game. All you need to play is a printer, scissors, and an internet connection. You can find out more here. No printer? No problem! We also have pre-printed versions available, which we can send to your door.

Find out more about Print+Cut+Escape! here. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.