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Play an Escape Room For Free: Be a Research Participant

by Louis Cammell

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It’s old news by now - escape rooms are great. Ask anyone who’s been to play one, and even those who started off cynical will spring up from their seats. “You know what?”, they’ll say, “It was actually really good!”, like it’s some miracle that an immersive puzzle game experience is anything but thrilling. But those thrills do come at a price - even we can admit that.

What if we told you, though, that you can play one of our rooms absolutely free of charge?

Below is everything you need to know. If you decide you’re up for it, please email Lindsey at What to include is at the bottom of this article.

What kind of research is it?

Lindsey Delpledge is a current MSc student in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics. She wants to analyse individual behaviour, knowledge distribution, within group problem solving and decision making contexts. In other words, you have her to thank for the free game. That is, if you’re willing to take part.


What would it involve?

You’ll first be given an introduction on what a subcam is (think night vision goggles without the night vision. Basically, a camera attached to a pair of spectacles). You’ll then be asked to wear it during your game. It’ll help Lindsey collect accurate data about your performance, and shouldn’t affect your gameplay. Unless of course, you catch yourself in the mirror and have to take a minute to fully appreciate just how silly you look…

Once you’ve played and returned your new favourite accessory, Lindsey will ask you to recount your experience from memory, before moving on to watching the footage you collected and having a good old laugh at yourself while talking Lindsey through your thought processes at each point. Basically, you’ll get to behave like an actor doing the audio commentary for the DVD release of their film. “I remember this vividly”, perhaps you’ll say, “the elation upon completing this puzzle was indescribable.” Or y’know, something less pretentious.

How long would it take?

Once you’re in the room, you’ll face a 60-minute countdown in which to complete your task. However, some time either side will be required for both your mission briefing and your subcam tutorial, as well as 45 minutes after the game for your self-analysis. All in all, you won’t be in the building for any longer than three hours. That’s pretty much the same length as Avengers: Endgame. So you decide: £22 for a cinema ticket and a Coke, or £0 for an escape room experience like no other. It’s a no-brainer, but you could even fit both into the same day if you wanted to.


Am I eligible, and when would it take place?

Apart from the fact that players must be at least 18 years of age, there are no reasons for which you will be turned away from this study. Unless perhaps you’re an escape room pro who has played this one before and whose results would not be as useful for the study. If you’re not sure whether that’s you though (perhaps you’ve visited before, but you may have played a different room), don’t hesitate to get in touch anyway. There’s no harm in asking.

Otherwise, it all comes down to your availability. There are a few different dates on which it’s possible to participate. However, as each slot only requires four participants, it may be that certain slots fill up before others. So if you’re available during more than one slot, do include both or all possibilities in your email. It’ll give you a higher chance of taking part. With that in mind, here are those slots:


29/04/2019    11:20

30/04/2019    11:20

02/05/2019    11:20

03/05/2019    17:00

07/05/2019    17:00

14/05/2019    11:20

15/05/2019    11:20

16/05/2019    11:20

17/05/2019    11:20

20/05/2019    11:20


I’m interested. What’s the next step?

We knew you would be. Please get in touch with Lindsey Depledge at with a short message which includes your name and your availability.


While you’re here…

Look at you. You’ve scrolled all the way down to the bottom. We like that. So even if this isn’t for you, you must be considering getting in touch about something, right? Maybe you’re wondering whether we have a programme which will allow you to assess your workforce in an environment specifically designed to test their soft skills. Something which will allow you to get a reading of things like their capacity for teamwork, problem-solving and communication.

Well guess what… We do! It’s called the clueQuest Assessment Programme, or CAP. You can find out more about it by clicking the link below: