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Meet the Team | Agent Eszter

by Louis Cammell

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A self-confessed perfectionist, Eszter has an eye for detail and a keen interest in people. As a result, her impact on the company in the past 18 months is visible in anything from staff morale to the imminent launch of the clueQuest Assessment Programme (CAP). We caught up with her to discuss her balancing of multiple roles, from our head of HR to the leading force behind CAP, as well as the rewards of laying out our core company values. 

Hi Eszter! First off, for how long have you been working at clueQuest? 

Hey Louis, I can't believe it but I actually joined 1.5 years ago. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. 


Could you tell us a little bit about your role at the company?

I wear two hats. People who know me know that I’ve always liked hats. I look after the clueQuest Assessment Programme, which is more on the business development side, but I’ve also remained true to my original background and look after the people side of things. For example, I collaboratively created our core company values. Bringing them to life is really one of the most exciting things I have done in my career. 


What can you tell us about the clueQuest Assessment Programme?

In our missions, people connect & work together in a real life scenario, solving puzzles with a shared goal in mind, while surrounded by uncertainty. We have more than 6 years of data, from over 1000 teams per month on average, some very successful and others less. What is the secret sauce of high performing teams in this environment and can this have any correlation to how they perform in reality? What are the soft skills and the group dynamics that are crucial for success? CAP aims to assess answer these questions, and help teams to deepen trust, and ultimately improve performance. Isn't it funny how something based on real human connection can be labeled as cutting-edge today, instead of technology?

CAP is all about allowing the escape room experience become the vessel for team dynamics and real work scenarios. 


We understand the programme has already had great feedback from the companies it’s helped. Do you remember any of it? 

It was really good to hear from one client’s HR Lead who reported at the end of the event that some of the issues they had within the team for months have just been resolved thanks to our sessions. That’s our ultimate goal. Helping teams to break down barriers, inspire behaviour change and support the journey to high performance. Usually people also say how unexpectedly fun and unusual their experience was, which to be honest I can relate to. Before I became familiar with the whole escape game industry I was on the skeptical side myself (Sorry Mr. Q! But now I’m actually one of your biggest fans!).


If Professor Blacksheep blew up the place tomorrow, what would you miss the most about it?

The People. It's really all about them. As long as they all survived I would be happy. 

Oh, and the noise that the ecstatic, screaming happy clients produce right after they have just successfully completed their mission. 


Is there anything you feel you’ve learnt from this job, that you’ll remember for years to come? 

Don't be afraid to be different, a visionary, a dreamer... Just make sure that you have some data to support you, haha. The last year has really been a rollercoaster ride as building something new is never easy and I had to remind my perfectionist side to chill out sometimes. But as long as you are confident that you are doing something great that the world needs, you should keep going - fine tuning along the way. Oh and don’t do it alone. I’m very excited to start working with Lindsey and Alex, our amazingly talented team dedicated to CAP. 


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